Laksmindo Bahtera.

The Pioneer of MICE Organizer.

PT Laksmindo Bahtera (PT Laksmindo) event management has been engaged in the MICE (Meeting, Incentive Travels, Conference/Convention, Exhibition) industry since its foundation in 1991.

PT Laksmindo Bahtera is a pioneering MICE Organizer serving for MICE-related needs of governmental institutions like ministries, governmental bodies, municipal governments and other state agencies. Despite being primarily focused on state agencies since its conception, PT Laksmindo can also serve corporate events and NGOs/associations.
PT Laksmindo Bahtera puts special importance to the competence of its staff, as PT Laksmindo believes that having competent staffs means the ability to organize events successfully. That is why PT Laksmindo makes sure that its staff has earned the MICE certificate issued by the Professional Certification Institute on MICE under the Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (BNSP) in accordance with Law no. 10 of 2009 on Tourism and Government Regulation No. 52 of 2012.

The Key Persons Laksmindo Bahtera

Adjat Sudradjat SST,CMMC

Adjat sudrajat SST,CMMC(Certified Master Mangement of Conference) is the President Director of PT Laksmindo Bahtera since 1991. He has a vast experience in organizing national to international-scale MICE events. His background is in the hospitality industry, having held the post of Director in PT Royalindo Expoduta in 1989 before finally deciding to establish PT Laksmindo Bahtera in 1991. He earned a university degree from Politeknik negeri Jakarta specializing in MICE. Even in his advanced age, retirement is not in his mind. Until today He still actively handle events organized by PT Laksmindo Bahtera as a consultant or the Person In Charge, and still meets the clients in person. Mr Adjat Sudrajat’s vast experience in MICE has earned him the position as the Chairman of the Professional Certification Institute on MICE under the auspices of BNSP, which is the only recognized institution in Indonesia that is entrusted with issuing the certificate for MICE-related profession. In addition to holding tests and certifying skilled MICE professionals, Mr. Adjat Sudrajat’s position as the Chairman of Professional Certification Institute on MICE is to give lectures and trainings on MICE all over Indonesia. Aside from his activities within PT Laksmindo and the Professional Certification Institute on MICE, Mr. Adjat Sudrajat is also the Vice Secretary General of the Indonesia Congress/convention Association(INCCA).

Mohamad Adya Laksmana Sudradjat SH,MM CVMS

Mohamad Adya Laksmana Sudradjat SH, MM CVMS(Certified Venue Management Specialist) is advisor  of PT Laksmindo Bahtera. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree on International Law from Padjadjaran University. Soon after graduating, he took an English Language Course in Ohio State University for almost 1 year. In addition to the English Course, He also worked as a student worker for Ohio State University for about 3 months. Always insatiably studious, He has finished his Master’s Degrees in Prasetya Mulya Business School and he is currently taking Doctoral Degrees/PHD in Faculty Management of Brawijaya State University in order to extend his knowledge on business management.

Enita Adyalaksmita SH,MH, CMMC

Enita Adyalaksmita SH MH, CMMC(Certified Master Management Of conference) is the Managing Director of PT Laksmindo Bahtera since 1991. She holds a Master’s Degree in Law and therefore plays a significant role as the negotiator and lobbyist for PT Laksmindo Bahtera. She considers the contracts made with clients with great care, with zero tolerance towards derogations in the quality or specifications of work items and fictional budgets. She is always open to accommodate addendums in contracts. She holds the foremost position in ensuring that there are no undue deviations or derogations from the working contract. However, if it is considered critical for the success of the event, She is always ready to provide beyond what is asked in the contract. Her impact can also be felt in the management of PT Laksmindo’s vendors. PT Laksmindo’s vendors have worked loyally for 20 years with PT Laksmindo, and are supervised by Mrs. Enita Adya Laksmita to ensure that they provide the best products to support any event.

Anjani Adya Laksmini SE

Anjani Adya Laksmini is the operational director and finance director of PT Laksmindo Bahtera. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree on finance from prasetya mulya business school. This allows her to spearhead the operational side of the events organized by the Company including the preparation of the items needed. Her commitment is to make sure that every activities in the operational side has to be carefully put into a proper financial report. She also builds the financial management system for PT Laksmindo both for the Company itself and for each individual events organized by PT Laksmindo Bahtera.