”Less Bureaucracy Services for Your Event”

PT Laksmindo realizes that clients expect the MICE organizers to be able to take quick and precise decisions. That is the reason for PT Laksmindo’s signature “less beraucracy service”. In a “less beraucracy service”, one of the 4 top leaders of PT Laksmindo would come in person to take care of the details of an event from the bidding stage, pre-execution, execution, and post-execution. In other MICE organizers, these details are usually delegated to manager-level team, which results in a much slower and less decisive decision-making process (especially decisions regarding budgets), because the teams must ask for the approval and disposition of the company’s leadership.

”A network of loyal suppliers and vendors that have worked with PT Laksmindo for 20 years.”

From our many years of experience since our foundation in 1991, PT Laksmindo Bahtera has accumulated a vast network of vendors and suppliers from small and medium enterprises which provide high quality products at affordable prices.

”A robust network from Sabang to Merauke”

Having organized many events ranging from socializations, trainings, workshops, and coordination meetings held from Sabang to Merauke, PT Laksmindo has built a robust network spanning Indonesia. That is a major reason why clients rely on PT Laksmindo to organize events outside Jakarta.

”Legal Know-how”

2 of the 4 top leaders of PT laksmindo are educated in Law so that clients can be assured of PT Laksmindo’s commitment towards the realization of the contracts made with our Company. Specifically, our commitment is to make sure that the event is organized in full accordance to the contract, without derogations is specifications and without fictional budgets. PT Laksmindo will also be ready to accommodate addendums to the contract regarding the addition, reduction, or replacement of event-related items.